At least several hundred veterans who were honorably discharged from the military have been deported or are facing removal. According to Mic, the exact numbers of veterans who have been deported is unclear, but a recent documentary has found at least 400 people who have served in the military have faced deportation and removal after their service. Their plight has been documented in a Showtime documentary called Ready for War. In the documentary, the director follows the lives of veterans who served in the U.S. military, but who were later deported because of criminal convictions. Though U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is required to give “special consideration” to veterans who may have criminal records, it isn’t clear whether ICE is following through on this. In fact, some of the veterans could potentially be facing deportation for small violations. According to NPR, one Government Accountability Office report indicates that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement may not have always consistently followed its own policies when it comes to removing veterans. One of those policies includes taking a veteran’s military service into consideration.

Are you a veteran facing deportation or were you removed from the country? Did you clearly document your military service to ICE? Did ICE provide you a report that they reviewed your military service? If not, you may have options under the law.

Veterans face unique challenges when they are discharged from the military. Some suffer from PTSD. WBEZ reports that at least 9 of the deported veterans suffered from PTSD and other service-related disabilities. Others may struggle with addiction issues. Because the justice system continues to criminalize addiction and drug use, some veterans struggling with these issues could find themselves facing run ins with the law. If, in the course, of struggling with these medical conditions, they get arrested or spend time in jail, they could potentially put their legal status in the U.S. at risk.

Are you a U.S. veteran facing deportation and removal? You deserve the right to receive proper consideration before being removed from the U.S. This means that ICE must follow proper procedures before deporting or removing you. Veterans deserve to be honored and deserve to receive dignified treatment. The current course of action of deporting military veterans appears to be both inhumane and unconscionable. J. Joseph Cohen is a deportation and removal lawyer in San Antonio, Texas who works closely with individuals facing deportation and removal. If you are facing the threat of deportation and are a military veteran, you may be able to fight your deportation if ICE failed to follow required procedures with respect to your case. Contact our law firm today to learn more about your rights and options under the law.

Steps that Must Be Followed By ICE Before Deporting Veterans

Before a veteran can be deported or removed from the country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is required to follow additional procedures. Essentially, ICE is required to ensure that a person’s military service is taken into account before a person is deported. However, several news reports indicate that ICE may not be following this procedure. If you are facing deportation and removal and were honorably discharged from the military, you have a right to have your case heard by a senior ICE enforcement officer and the officer should be able to produce a report showing that he or she took your military service into account before proceeding with the deportation. J. Joseph Cohen is a deportation and removal lawyer in San Antonio, Texas who can review the documentation and paperwork filed in your deportation and removal and may be able to fight your case if there are irregularities and if ICE didn’t follow proper procedure.

Several laws have been proposed that could protect veterans from deportation. One law, the Repatriate our Patriots Act, would be able to heal some of the harm that has been done. Yet, it isn’t clear when or if any of these laws will be passed. Individuals facing deportation after serving in the military may need to fight their deportations on a case-by-case basis until more robust legislation is passed.

Are You a Veteran Facing Deportation in San Antonio, Texas?

Are you a veteran facing deportation in San Antonio, Texas? You have a right to due process and have a right to have your military service considered before you are removed from the country. Some reports indicate that ICE may not even be aware of a person’s military service when issuing deportation orders due to bureaucratic loopholes that increase the potential for errors. For example, current forms may not even include a section that allows a person to indicate that they served in the military. So, if the military wasn’t your last employer, ICE officers may not even know you have a service record. If you are a veteran and have been deported, according to the Military Times, your deportation file should include a memo “detailing” that your military service was reviewed. If this isn’t present, you may have options. In fact, according to the Military Times, as many as 70 percent of deportation cases may not have had this additional review. ICE nor the military doesn’t have a database to track deported veterans or to review their paperwork, so it isn’t clear how many veterans might be suffering from these bureaucratic failures. J. Joseph Cohen is a deportation and immigration lawyer who may be able to review your file and help you understand what your next options could be.

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